Frequently asked questions


1. Is The Doggy House Licensed?

Yes, we are very proud of our 5* licensing under the DEFRA Animal Activities Licensing Regulations 2018 (AAL).

2. How big is The Doggy House?

The Doggy House is approx. 9,000 sqft and is split into 5 spacious play areas, with onsite store and professional dog grooming salon

3. What are your prices?

The pay-as-you-go daily rate is £23, with amazing discounts available for pre-paid packages, please speak to a member of staff for further details. 

4. What are your opening hours?

Mon-Fri 7.30AM – 6.30PM

Sat – Sun CLOSED

5. Does my dog need to be vaccinated and insured?

Yes all dogs need to be fully vaccinated, you must supply us with your up to date vaccination card – you can upload to this to your customer portal.  Insurance is not mandatory, it is however highly recommended, if your dog is insured please provide details of the provider and policy number through your portal.

6. How old does my puppy need to be to start day care?

Puppies can start with us from 12wks or whenever they’ve had all of their vaccinations

7. Does my dog need to be neutered?

We do not take intact adult male dogs, please speak to us over neutering ages and policies. Intact females cannot attend when they are in season or directly after finishing. 

8. Do you offer a pet taxi service?

Yes, all of our pet taxis are equipped with purpose built dog crates for safety and we are fully insured for pets in transit, as well as holding key holder insurance. Please speak to us for a quote. 

9. Can you feed my dog during the day?

Yes, you can bring a packed lunch for your dog, there is no extra charge for us feeding your dog their packed lunch during the day. We do not supply any other food, you must bring your own should your dog require it. Most adult dogs do no requiring feeding whilst at day care, puppies however will likely need a lunch bringing with them. 

10. Can I view your facilities?

Absolutely, we are very proud of our centre and our team and we love to show it off. We do ask that you make an appointment to view, so that we can make sure that someone is free to chat with you, answer your questions and show you around. Appointments can be made after 4.30pm Mon-Fri and must be booked in advance to avoid disruption to the running of the centre and minimise disruption to the dogs. 

11. Is The Doggy House secure?

Yes, we pride ourselves on safety. Our centre is indoors, meaning no one except our team have access to your dog. There is no risk of your dog escaping or running off and our centre is securely locked at all times . All walkways are double gated for safety. There is CCTV throughout the centre

11. How do I access my personal portal?

Simply click ‘Book Now’ on the home page or the navigation bar – alternatively you can access it via our Facebook page book now button. 

12. How do I contact your groomer?

Please see contact Jeanna directly for all booking enquiries. 

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