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About the founders


 The Doggy House is owned and operated by Nat and Rebekah, a husband and wife team with a lifetime of animal care experience behind them, as well as holding a host of canine-related qualifications. Rebekah has been involved with and worked with animals and dogs in particular for 30+ years, her interest in dog training started at an early age and by 1999 she was heavily involved in dog training and showing, she has also worked in pet food stores, worked with the RSPCA, animal sancturies, dog breeders - as well as working her way up to managerial level covering multiple locations in the Financial Industry.  Nat started off life in a rural village, helping out on friends farms and surrounded by all sorts of animals. He moved to Manchester to study for his degree, since then he quickly progressed to high levels in his previous careers and has managed large teams, and developed skills in logistics, purchasing and scheduling. 

Nat and Rebekah have been together since 2005 and started working towards opening their daycare in 2009 by running dog socialisation classes, studying for canine related qualifications (something has been ongoing ever since!) and looking for the pawfect location. By 2013 they had found the ideal location, and after a lot of hard work, The Doggy House was born. They have build everything by hand, with love and dedication! 

They and their 5 dogs all adore The Doggy House! 

The Doggy House is a day care centre that goes above and beyond the norm, and are constantly reinvesting back into the centre, the dogs, their team and the customer experience. The Doggy House has grown from stregth to stregth, largely due to personal recommedations and our reputation for being such a furtastic daycare.  

About our team


 We have a large team of people working at The Doggy House, we are constantly reinvesting back into the centre and the team, so our team is constantly expanding.  There a variety of roles within The Doggy House,  Managerial roles, Operations, Daycare Co-Ordinator, Media Manager, Doggie Carers ... it takes a lot of people to run such a pawsome daycare and give such amazing care to the dogs! One thing all the roles and all the people have in common is a genuine devotion, passion and love for all things canine!  Our team has a wide collection of qualifications. Every team member is Canine First Aid qualified. We also have an Ex-Vet and Ex-Vet Nurse as part of our team. Other qualifications held by the centre owners Nat and Rebekah and the team include Dog Training, Dog Training and Behaviour, Canine Psychology, Canine Behaviour, Holistic Canine Behaviour, Canine Anatomy and Physiology, Advanced Canine First Aid and CPR, Canine Nutrition, Professional Dog Daycare Operator (in-line with new DEFRA regulations), Puppy Development, Animal Care and Welfare, Canine Socialisation and Training, Moderating Dog Behaviour - to name but a few. 

We also have an extensive and ongoing documented internal training, learning and development programme for all of our employees - it's a lot of hard work, dedication and learning but we believe that our pawesome team shine with their knowldege and dedication to animal care. 

About our PAWSOME daycare


The Doggy House is a professional 5* Licensed Dog Day Care Centre. 

 We  have been award 5* under the new DEFRA licensing regulations for our  outstanding 9,000sqft secure indoor facilities, canine enrichment and activities, and our highly trained, qualified team. 

Our focus is not only on our dogs having an amazing fun time and lots of love but also focussing on safety  and security.   We  have full CCTV coverage throughout the centre, all walkways are  double-gated for safety and our with  keypad code locked  doors and other security precautions implemented - so  that you can be confident that your dog is safe and secure whilst in our care.  

We are incredibly proud that 

our licensing inspector noted that we are the best dog day care that he has ever inspected!


The Doggy House is a 9,000 sqft indoor dog day care centre. Our first-class facilities not only focus on ensuring that there is plenty of fun activities for the dogs but also safety and security is paramount. The Doggy House has 5 large play areas, each is equipped with a range of play equipment and toys and has rubber safety flooring throughout. The centre is designed to accommodate all dogs whether they’re a young puppy, a golden oldie, a Dachshund or a Great Dane - we will have an appropriate playgroup for them! We have a wide range of resting options for the dogs when they want to rest and have a snooze or eat their packed lunch. 



  We offer a safe and fun environment for your dog to play and socialise with other dogs and have plenty of cuddles throughout the day. The Doggy House is the ultimate playground for dogs to explore, play and participate in canine enrichment activities - giving them plenty of exercise while they learn important socialisation skills and have great fun at the same time

Each of our 5 spacious play areas is equiped with lots of fun play equipment like platforms, ramps, tunnels, slides, play houses etc. There are also plenty of fun toys for your pooch to play with and lots of enrichment activities to keep them mentally stimulated as well as physically exercised. Our swing balls are a firm favourite with the dogs too! 



We are a free-playing facility, which means that dogs are fully supervised whilst playing freely in groups of other dogs throughout the day but that doesn't mean that your dog will be play every second of the day, nap times are just as important as the play times! We have  a range of comfy snuggly beds in every play area for your pooch to choose from, all of our beds have veterinary bedding for comfort. There are are also 'Mega-Beds', which are custom handmade large dog beds for group nap times and are also perfect for our giant breeds. Most dogs will decide when and where they want to nap and when they want to play, puppies under 6 months will have their rest breaks scheduled by us to avoid them over-exercising or becoming overly tired as their bodies grow and develop.



We have a range of state of the art veterinary kennels, as used in veterinary surgeries all over the world, as well as a few larger kennels for bigger dogs and spacious private suites adjoining the  play areas for safely feeding and resting dogs in comfort after they've had their packed lunches. This not only allows your pup to eat their lunch in peace but stops any possible aggressive behaviour around food or dogs eating the wrong foods and also allows us to rest your pup for 1hr after eating which minimises the risk of bloat,  also known as gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV)   - a very serious condition that can be fatal for dogs.  All lunches and naps are digitally recorded and time coded in line with (and above and beyond) DEFRA licensing requirements.  During our licensing inspection our inspector was incredibly impressed by all of our facilities, processes and procedures and reporting systems.  Any uneaten food will be return to you in the evening. Find out more about bloat HERE.

Time for a snooze...

comfy beds in the play areas


Pawfect for solo use or snuggling! Beds are available in all play areas and have comfy snuggly vet bed!

group snuggles on our mega-beds


Our custom handmade Mega-Beds are furtastic for group snuggles, stretching out or for our giant breeds! They also make for fun playtimes to roll about on! 

private suites adjoining the play areas


We have 3 private suites that adjoin the play areas which are perfect for lunchtimes or if your pup prefers to rest for up to an hour uninterrupted rather than in the main play areas 

giving back

giving back through our Charitable work


The Doggy House is passionate about giving back, and has hosted many charity events, fundraisers and collections over the years to support local dog rescue charities as well as helping to support other charities such as collecting donations for poverty-stricken countries and cancer reseach charities.  We have raised thousands of pounds for charities close to our hearts over the years and have many exciting plans to support our fundraising efforts in the future.  We also work closely with our local council and other community organisations to give back to our local community.



 Why  not treat your furbaby to some healthy natural snacks or treats, or  perhaps an exciting new toy!  Variety is the spice of life, why not  choose a selection from our pick and mix or go for a longer chew with  one of our natural chewy treats.  Pick up a tasty Frozzy dog ice cream  from the freezer section - the pawfect cooling treat! 


Stand  out from the crowd with one of our fabulous handmade accessories -  collars, leads, bandanas, and bow ties. Get snuggly with a handmade  blanket.

 Cute designs and great quality, what more could a snazzy pup want?! 

Keep warm, cosy and dry during the colder months with our pawsome range of coats, waxed jackets and jumpers! 

Check out what's new in store by clicking below!  



 The Canine Beauty Room -

Jeanna has over a decade of professional dog grooming experience and is known  as one of the most highly skilled groomers in the area. The Canine Beauty Room  is one of the most popular salons in Altrincham and surrounding areas,  not only due to the skillful grooming but for the love, patience, care,  and attention given.

The Canine Beauty Room is open to all dogs, not just dogs that attend daycare! However, many people love the convenience of having their dog groomed whilst they are at daycare - no need to take time out of your busy schedule to make it to your grooming appointments! 

Check out The Canine Beauty Room's Facebook page for photos and reviews, and to contact  Jeanna to book your pooch in for a pamper.



Struggle to drop off your dog at The Doggy House in the morning or collect them  in time in the evening? Like the idea of dog daycare but don't want the  hassle of getting there and back? 

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